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Ruffalo On Chances Of A Stand-Alone “Hulk”


Tag Ruffalo offers succeeded exactly where Eric Bana and Male impotence Norton unsuccessful in producing Marvel Comics character Bruce Banner/The Amazing Hulk in to a well-formed screen personality.

In truth, Ruffalo offers earned this kind of a fanbase in the particular role given that the 1st “Avengers” there’s been clamouring for your pet to obtain his personal standalone movie. However, talking at Disney’s D23 Expo on Sunday, he informs Variety this won’t occur:

“I would like to simply make 1 thing completely clear nowadays: A stand alone ‘Hulk’ film will in no way happen. Common has the particular rights, plus for a few reason, these people don’t understand how in order to play nicely with Wonder. And, these people don’t would like to create money.”

It efficiently sounds such as Marvel and Universal couldn’t reach a good agreement within the method Sony’s collaboration with Wonder has been successful. As the result, Hulk will become sticking in order to “Avengers” plus other Wonder heroes movies such because this year’s “Thor: Ragnarok”.