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Trevorrow On His Desires for “Star Wars”


Within the wake from the bad evaluations for “The Book of Henry” previously this Summer, the particular film’s movie director Colin Trevorrow came under critique and fire as followers have grown worried about how he’ll go helming “Star Wars: Episode IX”.

In a brand new interview along with THR, Trevorrow defends their hiring stating:

“Not only did I grow up on these stories, like all of us did, [but] I think that the values of Star Wars are values that I hold very close and very dear in my life. I feel that the message of the way that the Force teaches you to treat other people and show respect for others, and the way it guides you through life, is really important to me. And I hope everybody would realize that that set of stories has affected me as deeply in my life as it has affected them.

I think the challenge for me is to recognize that everyone has their own personal relationship with these stories, and it’s different depending on who you are. And I need to make a film that you’ll appreciate, even if your experience with it was different, which is making something that will be deeply emotionally resonant and satisfying for people all around the world. And I think about it a lot.”

Trevorrow goes on to declare film is extremely much the team energy and that a lot of fans create assumptions in regards to a level of manage which simply isn’t right now there:

“There tends to be a lot of assumptions made about control, but the reality is, it’s a collaboration. It’s not me locked in a room with the producers trying to get in and me saying, ‘I’m making my decisions!’ It is a much more collaborative process. I think that except for very, very rare circumstances, there is no such thing as final cut anymore.

And I think the best-case scenario for any film is that the producer and the writer and the director are all on the same page and making the same movie. I’ve been fortunate enough in all the films that I’ve made so far that we haven’t had internal conflicts, as far as the movie that we were making. That can happen, and I know that’s frustrating for all involved when it does That’s not a situation I’m involved in.”

One of the comments from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson provides Scrap reports plus rumors immediately such as one that suggested Benicio del Toro’s role is usually Ezra Bridger from “Star Wars Rebels”

Finally, movie director Ron Howard has contributed a photo